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Dr. Kristen O'Dell

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"I offer a personal touch that is fundamental to our relationship and reaching your goals."

My medical career began in 1997 after graduating from Yale University. I entered the traditional medical field working in the NYC/metropolitan area as a Physician Assistant. It was common to see 15­-25 plus patients a day in 15­-20 minute increments. I gained an immense amount of clinical knowledge but also became acutely aware of the pitfalls of this model.

Within these brief encounters, it was difficult to offer complete care. Really, impossible. I needed more time with my patients. It seemed I was able to refill medications, check vital signs and make sure preventive care screenings were up to date.... but not much past that.

What were the stressors for my patients? What were their obstacles in getting better? Did they understand the basics about their medical condition? Were they eating properly? Sleeping well?

There was also a growing trend of patients asking my opinion on certain supplements, alternative protocols, and testing. I did not have the answers and felt compelled to find them. My patients had planted the seed. As with most things, if I am going to take on a new project, I am going to accomplish it to the best of my ability.

In order to get a full command on this field of medicine, I realized I needed to go back to school to earn a degree in Naturopathic Medicine. This equated to four additional years of medical school. In 2004, I went back to school to obtain my Doctorate from Bastyr University, Seattle, Washington.

Upon graduation in 2008, my family moved back east and I opened my practice, Bedford Natural Medicine. I am lucky to now be in a profession where I love what I do. Every day is gratifying and I continue to be challenged. Often people seek out Naturopathic Medicine after not finding answers elsewhere. Naturopaths often see complicated cases where patients have yet to find answers or feel better.

The basis of Naturopathic Medicine is that it attacks biochemistry, cellular behavior, genetics and how lifestyle choices add to heath and well-being. Naturopaths offer a different tool box. Tools that can be used alone or in combination with conventional treatments.

Bedford Natural Medicine is a small medical office that offers a very personal, individualized environment. When you come to BNM, you see me.


Six Core Principles

Our Education

Naturopathic doctors are state licensed doctors who have attended 4-year accredited medical school. The curriculum consists of 4 didactic years, with the last two including clinical training. Our clinical experience is gained through patient contacts at area hospitals, private practices and clinics. Upon graduation, we must pass a national board examination. The exam is based on clinical cases and is administered over the course of three days. Once the applicant has passed the board exam they gain their license for the state where they wish to practice.