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Naturopathic Medicine is a type of primary healthcare that relies on safe and effective natural therapies. These therapies are used in accordance with our six core principles. People will sometimes call Naturopathic medicine “alternative” or “complimentary.” NDs can be utilized for adjunctive care, but can also be a Primary Care Provider.

Six Core Principles

First Do No Harm – To utilize a step like approach, escalating from least invasive to most invasive interventions. Always being mindful of creating treatments that are safe and effective.

The Healing Power of Nature – The Vis, Chi , Prana whatever the term. They all refer to the body’s ability to heal itself. As a Naturopath, I will support the body in this ultimate goal.

Treat the Cause – The goal is to reverse disease and to do this one must find the cause. Symptoms are simply the body’s language of letting you know something is out of balance. The body wants to heal itself and will be more capable if the obstacles are removed.

Treat the Whole Person – This talks of individuality. It is a fault to treat a disease without looking at the makeup of the person. A treatment plan must consider family history, psychosocial components as well as physical health.

Doctor as Teacher – This is my favorite principle. It is the one that creates a responsible client in control of their health. By educating patients, Bedford Natural Medicine empowers them to make responsible choices regarding their healthcare.

Prevention is the goal of the naturopathic doctor. To stop disease before it begins. This is done by assessing risk factors, genetic tendencies and lifestyle and then making appropriate changes

Our Education

Naturopathic doctors are licensed, board-certified, primary care doctors who have attended 4-year accredited medical schools. There are currently 4 schools in the U.S.

The curriculum consists of 4 didactic years with the last two including clinical training. Our clinical experience is gained through patient contacts at area hospitals, private practices and clinics. Upon graduation, we must pass a national board examination. The exam is based on clinical cases and is administered over the course of three days. Once the applicant has passed the board exam they gain their license for the state where they wish to practice.